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Let me start by saying how sorry I am you are visiting this page.  The death of a child ​​shakes us to our core. No parent should have to live without their child.  It’s just not fair and nothing makes this devastating loss okay.  NOTHING.  I can say that  although the pain never really goes away, it changes over time.  You start to have more good moments than bad, and with that may come intense feelings of guilt.

The death of a child is unlike any other loss we may experience.  Leaving us unsure how to move forward and at times making us feel “crazy”.  Please know that you are not alone .  Common experiences after the death of a child include:

  • intense sadness and crying
  • replaying each moment in your head
  • struggles with sprituality
  • difficulty getting up each morning
  • wanting to be with your child
  • preoccupation with death
  • thoughts of suicide
  • sleep distrubances
  • feelings of guilt
  • overwhelming anxiety that something horrible will happen again
  • fear others will forget your child
  • mixed feelings if you start having some better days
  • anger at other people’s healthy pregnancies
  • feeling misunderstood by family and friends
  • intense longing for your child
  • fighting with loved ones
  • feelings of anger and irritability
  • shock

Although I can not give you the one thing you want most, your child back.  Our sessions will provide you with a safe, compassionate space to talk about your child and explore things that come up as you work to heal and find a new normal.  Although everyone’s experience is different, I find it can be helpful to talk to someone who understands what it is like to lose a child.  I know what it’s like to walk this devastating journey.

Individual, group, and couples counseling is available. You don’t need to do this alone.

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