Healing After Loss


Healing is possible.

Losing a child is like no other loss. When a child dies, you also lose an entire lifetime of dreams, hopes, wishes, and plans. You lose all the “firsts” and all the years that should have been.

After my first child was stillborn due to a genetic condition, I became passionate about using my professional experience to help those who have experienced infant and/or pregnancy loss.

I am often asked, “how can I possibly heal from this?  Things will never be the same”.  You’re are right, things will never be the same and I’m so sorry.  The pain does not go away, but rather changes over time.   This journey can be messy and everyone’s journey is different.  I do know that healing is possible and for many it means evolving into a new version of yourself.  You cannot go back to the “you” before this type of loss.  Together we can find what healing means for you.

Healing isn’t Forgetting

Life after infant/pregnancy loss can feel impossible.  You may be wondering how you can possibly keep going without your baby.   I’m so sorry you are on this heart wrenching journey.  I remember the early days after my son died.  I was terrified of healing because I thought it would mean I was going to forget him.  Forgetting him was one of my biggest fears.  I didn’t want to heal.  I wanted to be sad.  I wanted cry.  I thought that if the pain went away, so would his memory.  And after all, that was all I had left of him.  If you are feeling like this you are not alone.  But you may be suffering.  At some point I realized I didn’t want to suffer.  That he didn’t want me to suffer either.  I wish I had an easy answer, I don’t.  This is not an easy journey.  But I do know that it is possible to find a way to keep on living but to carry your child’s memory with you.  I do know that healing does not mean forgetting.  You love your child and they will never be forgotten.  My favorite quote by E.E. Cummings says,  ” i carry your heart, i carry it in my heart”.

All loss Sucks

Loss is crippling, whether it be due to miscarriage, terminal illness, genetic conditions, stillbirth, or making a difficult decision to end a much wanted pregnancy.

I provide individual, couples, and group counseling for those on this difficult journey.  You don’t need to walk this path alone!

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