Child Loss Grief Counseling

The unimaginable has happened. Life has been turned upside down.

You’re a grieving mother struggling to comprehend living the rest of your life without your baby.

Nothing about your life makes sense anymore. It’s excruciating to wake up each day to face life without your child. It’s like you’re living your worst nightmare over and over again.

You can’t imagine ever feeling joy again and feel guilty at the thought of it. Your mind is consumed with “what if’s” and unanswerable questions.

Picking up the pieces seems impossible.  You know life will never be the same and also realize you have to keep going even though you don’t want to. Nobody in your life understands the pain.

People say hurtful things or worse, they say nothing at all. You fear the world will forget your child.

You feel totally alone and you’re looking for a therapist who really gets it to help you feel capable of living with this pain.

You’ve done a great job of looking for support online and it’s helped you survive so far. But you know there’s so much more healing for you to do. You know you need to find ways to face the world again but when it comes to knowing what to do you feel stuck.

It’s devastating to keep reliving the loss of your child yet when you find something that gives you some relief you’re overwhelmed with guilt. It feels like no matter how hard you try to cope without your baby, you will never be able to live a normal life.

It may seem impossible now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a new normal or even feel joy again without feeling wracked with guilt.

At Evolve Counseling, LLC you will get support from a counselor who really gets it-who understands from experience what it’s like to lose a child.

I won’t expect you to move on or forget. I will help you find hope by helping you develop ways to live with the pain instead of pressuring you to “get over it” because let’s face it, it’s ridiculous to think you’d ever get over the loss of your child.

This is a painful journey and just plain sucks. But you can experience hope for the future while still honoring your baby, click the options below to learn how:

Child Loss Grief Counseling: This is intended to help navigate the messy parts of grief, feel understood and able to face the world again.

EMDR Therapy: Is for those who feel stuck in grief or looking for relief from disturbing parts of their loss story.

Pregnancy After Loss Counseling: Is geared toward mom’s who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant after child loss to help them navigate all the anxiety and fear.

Substance Use Counseling: helps those numbing pain with substances find healthier ways to cope.


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Learn More About Who I Am

I’m Kelly Coté. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Addictions Counselor, and fellow bereaved mother.

At Evolve Counseling, LLC I help grieving mothers go from feeling like they’re living in hell to feeling like they can face the world again.

My mission is to provide a healing environment for grieving mothers so they can integrate the loss of their baby(ies) into their lives and process stuck points so they can find a new normal where they don’t feel guilty for experiencing joy again.

I am passionate about helping grieving mothers find ways to continue loving and honoring their child(ren) even though they are no longer here.

Evolve Counseling, LLC is the place for grieving mother’s to find hope again.

Perhaps you’ve questioned if life is worth living yet you don’t want to give up. You’ve tried talking to friends and family but it hasn’t helped you feel any better. You’re looking for ways to pick up the pieces but you can’t figure out where to start.

When you schedule a session with Evolve Counseling, LLC you will start to see that finding hope after the loss of a child is possible.

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